Dev Notes

We follow the following workflow for releasing new features on PowerOn™.


Committing Code

Follow these steps to commit code for a specific feature:

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Code your module on any environment of your choice.
  3. Submit Pull Request (PR).
  4. A Reviewer/Maintainer inspects your code. 
    1. If it's good, it will be merged into respective branch. 
    2. Else changes are requested by Maintainer on Github/repo/pulls.
  5. Maintainer deploy code on a dev and/or demo server.
  6. Feature is tested by a Project Manager.

Git Cheatsheet from GitHub

Test Processes

We employ 3 levels of testing for features and fixes.

Developer Testing

Done by developer who wrote the code himself, possibly using low data volumes, in non-contextual use-cases. This is the lowest level of testing, by nature unreliable.

Project Manager Testing

Done by PM in broader contextual use-cases, potentially still with limited data-sets.

Customer + PM Testing

PM and customer together test the feature, to ensure full use-case coverage, potentially on live database.